Wintec Systems offers a range of building products designed to exceed all relevant Australian standards. Be it weather or energy efficient door & windows, low maintenance exterior cladding, or our innovative security screens – Wintec Systems has the product.

Introducing Ulltrasafe – now you and your family can feel ultra-safe knowing you are protected by one of the most innovative security window and door screen systems on the market.

Our Ulltrasafe design allows a clear unobstructed view of the outdoors, while protecting your family and home.  Ulltrasafe integrates seamlessly within your home and works smarter to give you peace of mind, without sacrificing your lifestyle.
All Ulltrasafe Security window and door screens are manufactured using stainless steel woven mesh, high grade innovatively designed Aluminium framing and high security hardware.  When all these elements are combined they exceed all Australian standards.

Wintec Systems Ulltrasafe security products are designed and tested to withstand the harshest of Australian conditions including cyclonic debris requirements allowing you to secure your home without losing the luxury of openness.

Ulltrasafe’s unique design allows assembly without the need for screws, rivets or pins  eliminating any possible cause for corrosion.

Coastal Living Aluminium Windows & Doors is a member of the National Security Screen Association (NSSA). Master Security Licence Certificate Lic No: 000105905

Contact us here today to find out more about our range of Ulltrasafe Security Screens. Or call (02) 6652 5365 for a no-obligation quote including outstanding design and installation.